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Magical Transformation Brooch -- Restocked!

20 USD
A powerful magical amulet that will assist any willing hero in transforming into a fighter for justice and love...or other less noble causes if that's how you roll. Designed and assembled by Tsukasa, each brooch features a beautiful heart shaped gem in one of four different colors (featured in the second photo), and a metallic pin clasp in the back which will allow you to attach it wherever you wish. Which color(s) will you choose?

See the second photo for all four colors:
☆Crimson Sunrise: red crystal with a dark violet center and edged with bright gold (top left)
☆Rose Gold: pale pink crystal edged with pale gold (top right)
☆Indigo Nova: dark blue crystal edged with dark violet (bottom left)
☆White Prism: clear crystal with flecks of rainbow pastel colors  (bottom right)