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Magical Transformation Necklace -- SOLD OUT

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A powerful magical amulet that will assist any willing hero in transforming into a fighter for justice and love...or other less noble causes if that's how you roll. Designed and assembled by Tsukasa, each necklace  features a beautiful charm with heart shaped gem in one of four different colors, suspended from a gold chain with a clasp in the back. The charm features an opalescent teardrop at the center bottom for a finishing touch. The first photo shows the pin version of the charm, but has the heart crystal colors for reference. The necklace will look like the single charm in the second image. Which color(s) will you choose?

☆Rose Gold: pale pink crystal edged with pale gold
☆Crimson Sunrise: red crystal with a dark violet center and edged with bright gold
☆Indigo Nova: dark blue crystal edged with dark violet
☆White Prism: clear crystal with flecks of rainbow pastel colors